MOBILE INTERACTIVE SERVICES provide interactive (two-way) SMS solution, or better known as premium SMS, which allows a user to request a particular service and receive a response accordingly.

By using MVGate, our business partner can provide SMS service that will charge a user upon receiving a SMS with varying fees from RM0.30 to RM 10.00. At the end of the month, TELCO will pay the revenue generated from such service.

Premium SMS is a simple and widely accepted interaction and payment channel. It is the most accessible and most flexible method to charge for your service portfolio.
How It Works?
SMS Request Mechanism

1. User request via Shortcode

Type keyword:    FENGSHUISend to 37799

2. SMSC (Short Message Service Center)
Message will be directed to SMSC. Telco at SMS Center will receive the request.

TELCO will route the message to MVGate

4. MVGate
MVGate processes the keyword.

5. Client Application Server
The request will be forwarded to client application server to search for relevant content. Client application server returns the content to MVGate server. MVGate then returns the data to TELCO.

6. Response
Telco at SMS Center sends the message response to user.
Example: SMS ‘Feng Shui’ tips (Premium SMS)

Key in the keyword FENG SHUI and send to 37799.
Subsciber will receive a confirmation message and charged accordingly.
Subscriber receives “FENG SHUI” tip of the day
Network Topology
The entire cycle can be described as a network topology that involves 4 major elements shown in the graph below; they are Users, Telco, MVGate and SMS/MMS applications.
  Users in the network are able to request SMS service and receive message via shortcodes.
Telco (mobile network) is the core of SMS service system. It is responsible for all in and out messages in the network. In other word, it processes all messages and record all the charges.

M-Village Gateway platform (MVGate) acts as a middleware between mobile network and SMS/MMS-enabled applications. It manages diverse applications, devices, technologies and protocols, across existing and evolving networks.

There are plenty of applications available to users, e.g., SMS subscription, SMS Donation, SMS alert services/trigger service, SMS contest, SMS voting..

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