1. What are the countries supported by your Bulk SMS services?
Currently we support 6 countries that include Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India, Australia, and Hong Kong at same rate. Each SMS sent to the countries mentioned above will deduct one SMS credit.

2. I would like to send SMS to a country that is not listed under your support countries. Can I buy?
Well, if the country you wish to send SMS to is not listed in our supported countries, you will not be able to send SMS to that particular country. You may consider to buy only if you wish to send SMS to recipients in the 6 countries mentioned: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India, Australia, and Hong Kong.

3. Can I send MMS/EMS using your Bulk SMS services?
No. Only text based SMS is supported. MMS/EMS will come in soon.

4. Can I send Chinese/Japanese character using your Bulk SMS services?
Yes, our bulk sms supports Alphanumeric and Unicode.

5. How many characters can I send in one SMS?
For Alphanumeric >> maximum 160 characters for one SMS. Additional character will appear in 2nd SMS. For Unicode (Chinese/Japanese) >> 70 characters for one SMS. Additional character will appear in 2nd SMS.

6. Is Failure message being charged?
Yes. SMS Credit will be deducted regardless of success or failed message.

7. Is there any resend function if the mobile phone is not turned on or there is no coverage at that moment?
Yes. The SMSC will resend the SMS within 24 hours.

8. How many sender ID can I have at 1 time? How to request for new sender ID?
You can only have maximum Five (5) sender ID at a time. To request for new sender ID, client needs to request for it from the web system and it is subject to our approval. Approval will take 24 hours during working days. Sender ID requested during non working days will be processed on the following working day.

9. What is the minimum SMS Credits to be purchased/top up?
You may purchase or topup SMS credits as per retail packages listed on our web site. The smallest SMS credits package is 1000. No odd volume of credits topup / purchase is allowed.

10. Is there any trial account for client to test out the bulk sms services?
Yes, we offer trial SMS account to clients who wish to test the system before making any purchase. You may request for a trial account from our sales department. Each trial SMS account is a given a few credits for testing purpose. Additional credits requested can be purchased at our retail package price.

11. Can I use your SMS Gateway with my own SMS application?
Yes. In this case, you only have to purchase the SMS credits package and perform codes integration to our SMS gateway where you can send SMS from your application directly without using our web interface. API & sample code in PHP & .NET will be provided upon request. To perform API integration, you have to enter your username, password & Bulk URL to your application. These information will be available in the SMS system after you login. If you do not have the information, please write to our support team to request for it.

12. How fast can your SMS Gateway deliver the SMS?
The estimated delivery speed is 40 SMS per second.

13. Do you provide any database for clients?
No. We do not provide/sell any database or contacts numbers. Clients need to prepare their own database and import it to our web system.

14. How do I import my contact list to the SMS System?
1) Firstly, please prepare your data according to our text format i.e. Country Code | Mobile Number | Contact Name | Personalized Name 2) After that, save your file to either CSV (Comma delimited) format or Text (Tab delimited) format. If you are using Excel file, please convert your excel file to txt / csv. 3) Login to the SMS System >> Create a contact group (optional), >> Browse to your file >> Click Import button >> Finish. Detail explanation with sample on how to import contact list is provided in our SMS system Import Contact page. If you still face any issue on contact list importing, you may also write to our support team for guidance. Remember to mention your SMS account username in your email.

15. What if the SMS sent does not reach my mobile recipients?
If you face any problem on undelivered SMS on a valid mobile number, please write to our support team along with affected mobile numbers and sent time. We will assist you to check further.

16. Is there is any expiry date for the unused SMS Credits?
Yes, your SMS Credits will expire in 1 year. You may topup any SMS Credits package before the expiry date to extend the remaining SMS Credit expiry date for another year.

17. Is there any reseller program for the bulk SMS service?
Yes, you can join us as reseller in our bulk sms programme. To join as reseller, you are required to purchase a minimum of 25000 SMS credits package. Upon joining, you may topup any SMS credit packages at reseller rate. For enquiries, please contact us.

18. Can I have my own branding using your Bulk SMS service?
Yes you can if you join our bulk SMS reseller program. You need a domain name or an IP where we will assist you to change the login URL to your own domain name/IP. You can also login to switch the web system logo to your corporate logo.

19. Can I have a Trial Reseller Account with my own branding for presentation purpose?
Yes, you may request for a trial reseller trial account from our sales department. Each trial SMS account is a given a few credits for testing purpose. Additional credits requested can be purchased at our retail package price.

20. Can I arrange to have a demo or further discussion for the Bulk SMS service?
Yes, you may contact our sales consultant to arrange for appointment at our office. We do not arrange on site meeting at the moment. Alternatively we encourage customers to visit us online and request for a trial SMS account.

21. Can I pay using Credit Card or Paypal?
We accept Credit Card Payment but not Paypal at the moment. For all SMS services, you may bank in with cash/cheque. For cheque payment, your SMS account will be created or topup after payment is cleared.

22. I plan to subscribe your Premium SMS service as to offer SMS subscription service such as 4D Result / Daily Horoscope. Can we charge registration fee to our clients upon their activation?
No, you are not allowed to charge any registration fee to the mobile user upon their new subscription. Following describe how it works for each Telco:
i. Celcom - A free registration SMS notification will be sent by Celcom automatically and you will be charged RM0.05 deductable from your Monthly Premium SMS.
ii. Maxis - A free registration SMS notification will be sent by Maxis automatically without any cost to you.
iii. Digi - A free registration SMS notification need to be sent by your SMS application where you will be charged for 1 Bulk SMS Credit.

23. Okay. How do I start?
Step 1) Please call our sales department and request for trial account.
Email: sales@mvillage.com.my   Phone: 03-5115 0299

Step 2) You will be given trial account login ID and password.
Step 3) Try our system or purchase credits after login
Step 4) Proceed with payment and fax / email payment receipt to us.
Step 5) Receive new account login.
For enquiries, please Contact Us.

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