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MOBILE ENTERPRISE SERVICES enables you to communicate with registered target individuals or groups at any place, at any time via text messaging in bulk.
Simple as it sounds, its’ results are tremendeous. Globally, there are billions people that own cell phones, over 10 million in Malaysia. Bulk SMS marketing is a direct, personal, and effective marketing medium, producing unparalleled exposure to your products and services. To help businesses, large and small, to reach out to this huge marketing channel, our system, known as MVGate, provides comprehensive management and execution functionality for the broadcast of your content to your opt-in subscribers’ cell phones.
It permits a wide range of notifications including targeted invitations to take part in contest or campaigns, public announcements, events, or individual e.g., departure alert to selected passengers. It is the most efficient way to reach your registered audience.
Products launch
Announcement/news broadcasting
Mobile marketing campaigns
Sales promotions
Vouchers /coupons
Individual e.g. departure alert to selected passengers
Internal organization notification channel to communicate with team leader, drivers, sales agent.
Bulk SMS can be personalized and pre-scheduled for broadcast, for example, a personalized event reminder from a local club to its registered customers on the day before it starts. Moreover, it allows instant internal communication between base personnel and field staff, e.g., team leader, drivers, sales agent. Check out some of the bulk sms features we provide:
Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.
Manage group of users [like friends in one group, client in other group, staff on other group etc.]
You can send message instantly to any individual user or to a particular group.
You can schedule the system to send messages on a particular date and time to individuals or groups.
Upload excel sheet, notepad files or .csv files [with number and message] to send bulk messages without making address book.
You can schedule once and can send recurring (repeat) message (multiple times like each day, week, month or year) , for example once set, message can go to each year on birthday of your friend or to your spouse.

This SMS System is not only for personal use, but this is also very effective business tool to send instant notification to you clients.
This system is really useful for Enterprises, SME, Shops, Retailers, Schools and Universities, Agents, Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies, Service Provider Companies and etc.

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